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It All Began With One Dog

Her name was Abby and she was beyond perfect! She was a black lab mix with picture perfect ears and the sweetest little paws!​


It wouldn't be until she was about 3 years old so that I finally realized how truly amazing  this dog really was!​


We moved to Canmore Alberta and we were in heaven! Rivers to swim in, huge dog parks, and MOUNTAINS to climb.​

On one particular hike Abby did something extraordinary. Something that I will never forget!​


My mom and I had decided to hike to the very top of a mountain called Hau Ling. ​

Without paying attention, I got off the path and ended up on a steep area that was covered in loose shale.  I lost my footing and fell.  I began sliding, unable to grab ahold of anything. This steep area ended in a drop off and as I quickly approached it I got desperate. I pressed my hands into the sharp shale rock and managed to get myself to stop.  I was stuck! Any move I made and I would start to slip again.  ​


I didn't scream, I was scared and I was silent. Before I realized what was happening Abby came sliding down after me!  When she got to my side she quickly and firmly shoved her head under my arm and began pushing with all her might. She cut up the pads of her feet in doing so but she was determined and she didn't care! ​

She continued to do this until we both got far enough up the slope to reach a leash that my mom was throwing down to us. I quickly grabbed the leash, grabbed Abby's collar and we were both pulled to safety!​


She was my hero!  

So mom and I decided that we would honor Abby in our business. We would treat every dog like a hero and create a brand of treats that is good enough for all the 4 legged heroes of the world!

She died at the age of 13 on a beautiful summer day, surrounded by the 3 people she loved the most in this world.  ​

She may be gone but she was loved by so many and will never ever be forgotten!





Julie grew up on a farm and has always been an animal lover!

Her dedication to providin' the best life for her dogs matched with her keen business sense makes her a rockstar when it comes to bringin' you nothin' but the best for your dogs!


Jacki has always had a pack of her own! Growin' up with them in her home as a child, workin' in pet stores and has been a professional groomer for 10 years! Jacki is currently workin' hard towards completin' her certificate in pet nutrition

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